Follow the hot spot industry trends and track the industry.

Follow the hot spot industry trends and track the industry. Based on the search index of heat from the entire network from 1 July 30 September, 2020, TOP 10 hot words of the brand of the most watched in the industry of electronic cigarettes in the third quarter of 2020 are summarized, “PMTA, IECIE, laboratory CNAS, acquisitions, Hot keywords special examination and search as false are on the list.

As a new addition to the market, market electronic atomizer grow faster and have fewer rules, and face relatively more uncertainty due to gradually mature.

There are only three months left in 2020. Looking at the industrial development of e-cigarette, e-cigarette industry in the country has been experiencing a golden age from 2009 to 2019. With the rapid expansion of the industry, domestic brands have increased rapidly, and the market e- smoking is also racing. Gradually intensifying. After the ban on online sales of e-cigarettes in 2019, the industry has entered a stage of an overhaul; in 2020, the price war, grabbed offline stores, and fake … e-cigarette industry looks dull, but actually hidden bumpy.

Brand is an important basis for the selection of atomized cigarette users. For brand owners, the difficulty and the challenge also lies in brand operation. Next, we will focus on the major events in the electronic cigarette industry in the third quarter.

There is no doubt that PMTA is one of the hottest topics in the industry in the third quarter. Following the ban and epidemics, “the application prior to market tobacco products” and “PMTA” once again to bring the e-cigarette to life and death.

Although PMTA only barriers to entry to the US market, as an e-cigarette market accounts AS many as 40% of the global market, given the global influence of the FDA, we have reason to believe that PMTA will have a profound impact supervision of e-cigarettes in various countries. For e-cigarette companies committed to raise capital or IPO, PMTA will be inevitable barrier.

In the third quarter of 2020, there are two major events that should be mentioned. On 10 July, the world’s leading producers of electronic atomization equipment, Simer (6969) is listed on the Hong Kong stock market at 12.4 yuan per share. It has exceeded 40 yuan in less than one, and the market value of close to 240 billion yuan, which aroused heated discussion in the industry then there is even a “rumor” that relx registered in Hong Kong.

After a delay of four months, on August 20, 2020 e-cigarette IECIE exhibition finally opened in Shenzhen. “It’s very difficult to see” (not seen), the organizer of Canton accidentally release this slogan to indicate proximity.

It is also the first large-scale exhibition offline e-cigarette held since the start of the epidemic in 2020. It is understood that the 2020 exhibition IECIE e-cigarette has more than 10,000 visitors on the first day, reaching 20 488, and the enthusiasm of the audience far exceeded expectations.

Speaking of the brand owner, although there are a lot of domestic e-cigarette companies, their market strategies are different. In July, Firearms obtained Safin and NOS and started multi-brand operating model. Safin new series launched by the Firearms also created a gap in the market for high-end domestic e-cigarette; Safin is understood that the national contract signed in the first month of pre-sales. 100 stores; in September, relx open life sciences laboratories; in addition, released Lingxi YOOZ and cheap products, and the “price war” is turned on in a circle … brands have realized that he wanted to make a lasting industry, we have to regard product quality and safety of products as our own responsibility.

Since the explosion of electronic cigarettes in 2019, the fake has always been a major headache for the industry. counterfeit goods disrupt the market order, and the fake group of micro enterprises the burden.

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