The number of physical e-cigarette stores in Jiangxi Province can be said to be less than 50.

Recently, Jiangxi Province released a report on the staged results of a special inspection of electronic cigarettes, which attracted the attention of the electronic cigarette public account.

The content of the report concluded that, as of now, the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau and the municipal supervision department have cleared 12 Internet e-cigarette advertising links, inspected 849 e-cigarette stores, cleared 6 vending machines in areas where minors are concentrated, and jointly interviewed the Internet platform. 16, the supervision of the e-cigarette market within the province continued to improve.

physical e-cigarette

I was very surprised to see the data of “849 electronic cigarette stores”! Unexpectedly, there are so many e-cigarette physical stores in Jiangxi.

The cities in Jiangxi Province are: Nanchang, Jingdezhen, Pingxiang, Jiujiang, Xinyu, Yingtan, Ganzhou, Ji’an, Yichun, Fuzhou, Shangrao.

In special inspection

I remember that when the “Explore Chinese E-cigarette Stores” event was held in 2016, Jiangxi’s cities with e-cigarette stores were mainly the provincial capital Nanchang. According to the data obtained, there were only 1-2, or 2-3 stores in other cities.

In Nanchang, the provincial capital, there were not many physical stores for electronic cigarettes. According to the available data, there are less than 30 in the entire city.

The number of physical e-cigarette stores in Jiangxi Province can be said to be less than 50.

Unexpectedly, in just four years, with the popularity of e-cigarettes, the number of e-cigarette stores in Jiangxi has reached 849. But it also makes people wonder, are there really so many?

Although the data released this time does not represent the total number of e-cigarette stores in Jiangxi, since it is released, I believe there is a basis!

After understanding, I understand that the 849 physical stores include specialty stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, 3C, trendy stores, etc.

Unlike in the era of the Great Smog, the physical e-cigarette store generally refers to the e-cigarette specialty store, because the use of the e-cigarette is complicated and requires patient introduction by professionals, and other channels are not suitable for sales.

After in-depth understanding, it was found that there are currently more e-cigarette physical stores in Jiangxi Province than in Nanchang, the provincial capital. The ranking is: Ganzhou <Nanchang <Ji’an <Fuzhou <Shangrao <Jiujiang <Xinyu <Yichun <Jingdezhen <Pingxiang <Yingtan.

According to the ranking of e-cigarette stores, Nanchang, the provincial capital, has more than Ganzhou. Representative rankings are: Nanchang <Ganzhou <Jiujiang <Ji’an <Yichun <Shangrao <Xinyu <Fuzhou <Jingdezhen <Yingtan <Pingxiang.

In general, compared with before, the number of e-cigarette physical stores has increased a lot; but compared with other mass consumer products, the current number of e-cigarette physical stores is still too small and too small, and people have no desire to be happy!

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