Explanation Of The Internal Structure Of The Electronic Atomizer

As a part of the e-cigarette, the e-cigarette atomizer will be disassembled in detail this time. Mainly from the drip nozzle, flue, atomizing bin, intake hole, heating wire, oil guide hole, and cotton to explain in detail.

Internal structure of electronic atomizer

1. Atomization tank

Smog is made up of atomization of relx group smoke silk spray oil vapor and air, produced by the mixing of the atomized warehouse space determines the vapor and air on the weight of more and less, heat wire under a data of steam atomizing variables actually is very small, the steam is occupied part of atomization warehouse location, the remaining space by air to mix with steam, so we can suppose, 50 ml of coke collapsed in 100 ml cup and pour in a 200 ml glass, 50 ml of coke is 50 ml, respectively, the remaining 50 ml and 100 ml of water to supplement, Is it true that the more water you add to the cup of Coke, the less it tastes? The same is true for this atomizing chamber. The more air you add to the steam, the less the smell of smoke will be.

 Atomization tank

2. Air intake hole

The air inlet is divided into the external adjustable part and the internal non-adjustable part. The externally adjustable hole in the part composed of the air inlet opening hole and adjusting the ring outside the e-cigarette atomizer. The internal irregularness is a path through which the air passes after the external irregularness. The external adjustable part controls the amount of air entering in a certain period of time, while the internal non-adjustable part determines the amount of relx vape air entering from the outside. And from the third point, we know that the more air goes into the atomizing chamber the less dense the smoke, the greater the amount of smoke produced. So we know that the relationship between the amount of air and smoke is that the more air you take in, the more air you have, the more smoke you have, and the less smoke you have mixed out. The smaller the intake is, the reverse is true.

3. Heating wire

Heating wire in the detailed rules of all aspects here is not to say, a lot of articles have science, here to say is the volume of heating wire. Through the third point, we understand the airistech herbva influence of the space in the atomization bin on the smoke. Then, the factor of the volume of the hot wire determines the space occupied by the amount of steam and air, which is why the larger the volume of the atomization bin, the larger the size of the hot wire is. When the filament occupies a certain amount of space, the remaining space will be occupied by air. Then the volume of the filament determines how much space the air can occupy.

4. Oil guide hole and cotton

The oil guide hole, as the name implies, airistech nokiva determines how much oil the cotton can absorb and the rate at which the cotton fills up with the smoke. In cotton full of smoke oil extent atomization of smoke oil quantity of heat wire enough is enough, quick guide oil can ensure each atomization of smoke oil quantity of heat wire is sufficient, slow conduction oil cotton will appear on the smoke do not have enough oil to heat wire atomization result in smaller steam even paste cotton, steam less will cause air volume increase, make the smoke light.

By explaining the internal airistech vaporizer structure of the electronic atomized cigarette, it will be of great help to smokers who do not know the electronic cigarette very well. As can be seen from the above points, the intensity of e-cigarette smoke is related to the size of the atomizing chamber and air inlet, and the longer the length of the flue, the higher the level of smoke fineness, the better the sense of hierarchy. So every e-cigarette has its own structure, not just a random design.

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