Introduction To Vape

When most of us hear the term e-cigarette, we usually have these questions: What is an e-cigarette? What’s the difference between an e-cigarette and a cigarette? Are e-cigarettes harmful? Can e-cigarettes Really Stop smoking? The Internet has given a variety of answers to these questions, and even detailed answers about how e-cigarettes are structured. However, it seems that these answers are often too complicated to digest for those who are new to e-cigarettes. Therefore, in view of the needs of e-cigarette novices, Xiao A reorganizes the knowledge related to e-cigarettes, hoping to help new e-cigarette novices understand the knowledge of e-cigarettes conveniently.

What is an e-cigarette? Simply put, e-cigarette devices use electrical energy to heat resistance wires that vaporize and vaporize the smoke, producing a vapor that can be inhaled by the user.

What’s the difference between an e-cigarette and a cigarette?Different from e-cigarettes, heated atomized smoke oil is produced by burning tobacco to produce solid particles, which are inhaled by users. Therefore, the essential difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes is that e-cigarettes are atomized products and vapor.A cigarette is a product of combustion, a solid particle.

Are e-cigarettes harmful? Compared from the burning of solid particles in the cigarette, atomization to produce steam fog electronic cigarette is obviously more health, and electronic smoke into the mouth of the main composition mainly depends on oil smoke composition, which was mostly glycerol (glycerin), propylene glycol, edible essence, targeted on the addiction proportion of quantitative nicotine (nicotine). Compared with cigarettes, e-cigarette smoke oil is much less harmful because its components can be controlled and dispensed, and no other substances are produced by burning during heating and atomizing.

Can e-cigarettes Really Stop smoking? Generally said to quit smoking usually refers to stop smoking cigarettes, and tobacco addiction come from the physiological dependence on nicotine and habitual psychological dependence on smoking behavior, so to quit smoking actually, on the one hand, to get rid of the physiological dependence on nicotine, on the other hand, to quit smoking behavior psychological habit. Using electronic smoke contains nicotine replacement cigarettes, by controlling the nicotine gradually reduce nicotine content until finally no longer contain nicotine, can gradually get rid of the physiological dependence on nicotine, in terms of the electronic cigarettes can be implemented to give up smoking, but to give up smoking, after all, is also changed the course of psychological habit, also need enough perseverance can really give up smoking.

After understanding the basic principles of e-cigarettes, people are generally more concerned about how to choose e-cigarettes. For this problem on the network has a variety of answers, but for the novice the answer is too complex, in fact as long as know the principle of the electronic cigarette is a process of electricity heating resistance wire atomizing oil smoke, choose the quality and safety of reliable quality goods electronic cigarette package, just enough to satisfy most people quit smoking for cigarette demand, on the basis of can also enough fashion appearance generous, easy to use, easy to carry and smoke quantity is enough big, basically satisfies most people imagine for electronic cigarettes. Now there is such a set of smoking cessation artifact, it with a trace of winning temperament, gentle appearance can not hide ambition, with a professional taste of incense custom-tailored tobacco oil, to people with extraordinary temperament steam experience.

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