Six Common Questions About E-Cigarette Smokers

E-cigarettes began to develop rapidly, and the number of products also began to increase significantly. More and more smokers began to use e-cigarettes, and thus came into contact with the steam culture.

Every big god, senior player is from small white stage to grow up step by step.There’s a lot of confusion when you first start using e-cigarettes, and there are some problems that can be found along the way.

So what are the problems?What is the cause?

In this article, the author lists a few problems that we often encounter in use, and the corresponding solutions are attached.

1. Condensate

During the operation of relx e-cigarettes, evaporating smoke oil produces fog, which will be liquefied into water droplets after cooling and cooling in the flue, and finally accumulate at the junction of the cigarette holder and atomizer. When there is too much accumulation, it will flow back to the bottom of the flue and atomizer and spill out through the air mouth, which is often mistaken by beginners as oil leakage in the atomizer.

When the condensate enters the mouth, it is not harmful to the body, but it will reduce the user’s experience.

Solution: Structural improvements to the atomizer won’t completely eliminate the inhalation of condensate, but they can reduce the chance of suction by frequently cleaning the accumulated condensate with a rag and paper towel.

2, Airistech Switch / Oil Vaporizer

In daily use, the smoke oil from the bottom of the atomizer intake, the bottom screw, the edge of the glass bin and other unconventional overflow, this phenomenon is called oil leakage, commonly occurs in the oil-storage type of atomizers.An oil spill would result in a waste of soot.


A. Check the treatment of cotton thread in the oil guide groove of the atomizer to ensure that the whole oil guide groove can be filled perfectly to avoid the leakage of smoke oil caused by gaps.

B. Check whether the rubber ring is damaged or has lost its tightness.Replace the sealing ring if damaged.

C. When filling the top, close the bottom intake.After the oil filling, do not screw down the top cap, turn the atomizer upside down and screw down the top cap again, so that the excess air flows out, which can effectively avoid oil leakage.

3, frying oil

The explanation for frying oil in e-cigarettes is that the atomizer core, while working, ejects the smoke oil from the nozzle or the bottom of the atomizer.When used, the smoke Fried into the mouth, like cooking when the oil splash to the general, very unpleasant taste.


A. Shake, burn and blow

The VG finished products in the smoke oil have water absorption. After the atomizer is static, the atomizer core will absorb moisture and become saturated. After ignition, oil frying or oil boiling will occur.Before use, you can shake the atomizer, and then ignite the dry heat to blow the situation, the absorbed water will be evaporated before use.

B. Increase the amount of cotton

The amount of cotton is so small that it thins when wetted and does not fill the coil.Cotton contact area is not uniform, it will cause oil frying.Increase the amount of cotton to fill the coil to avoid oil frying.

C. Increase the output power

When using ordinary or fancy coils, the power output is too low and the smoke oil on the cotton does not get the frying oil produced by rapid evaporation.Just increase the output power used gradually until the frying phenomenon slows down or disappears.

4, the resistance to jump

When the atomizer is installed and used on the host machine, the resistance value is detected to be unstable and thus fluctuates up and down, which is called resistance.Used in case of jump resistance, generally in the floating range within 0.2 Ω belongs to the normal phenomenon, but the floating range error is a problem.


A. Check whether the atomizer core is tightened and whether the contact is tight.

B. Check whether the electrode column is fixed and stable by DIY atomizer;When installing the coil, whether the fixing screw is tightened and whether the heating wire is broken by the end of the screw.

C. Check the 510 joint for burrs or debris.

5, carbon deposition

Electronic cigarette use of smoke oil in order to produce a wide variety of tastes in style, in addition to the main PG, VG, nicotine, also add spices (essence), which contain organic matter in the spices (essence), and the process of heating coil sinochem carbonization reaction, accumulation on the surface layer of heat wire, make the loss of heat wire metal gloss black.

Due to the different content of flavor in the tobacco oil, the carbon deposition rate of the heating filament is also different.When carbon accumulation is too much, it will lead to smaller smoke and change in taste and taste during use.


A. It is suggested to replace the finished product atomizing core with a new one when the carbon accumulation is serious.

B. If DIY atomized core-carbon is serious, the cotton can be pulled out, and the carbon can be removed by quenching at high temperature. The residual substances attached to the surface layer of the heating wire can be scraped with tweezers, and then the water can be washed for further use.However, it is recommended that one coil should not be quenched and cleaned more than twice. After two times, the heating coil needs to be replaced after carbon deposition.

6. Taste fatigue

Taste fatigue usually occurs when the same type of smoke oil is used for a long time, leading to taste buds that have become accustomed to the taste of this type of smoke oil, which makes taste buds become less and less sensitive to this kind of taste, and the taste they feel when tasting the smoke oil becomes weaker and weaker.


1. Don’t smoke and eat the same type of tobacco oil for a long time. Try to choose and buy two favorite flavors to replace them.

2. Avoid excessive use of e-cigarettes. When the taste of e-cigarettes becomes weak, you should reduce the frequency of smoking or stop smoking for a period of time to rest your taste buds.

3. Smoke and eat cool smoke oil to stimulate taste buds, can restore the taste buds to smoke oil taste perception in a short time.

These are some of the most common problems we encounter with e-cigarettes.

Although the problem is not very serious and relatively easy to solve, it has become a stumbling block for many new and old players, reducing the final experience and killing the novice’s interest in VAPE.

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