Some Questions About E-Cigarettes

What is an e-cigarette?

Airistech Vapes are a non-burning alternative to cigarettes. They are similar in some ways to regular cigarettes, providing a refreshing, satisfying, and years-long habit. However, it is fundamentally different from ordinary cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not burn, contain any tar, and contain more than 460 chemicals that will cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases when they are burned, thus removing carcinogens from ordinary Relx Cigarettes. It will not do harm to others and pollute the environment. Users at the same time of inhaled nicotine fog felt like a traditional cigarette sense of satisfaction, it is from the perspective of psychological physiology totally real human simulated the whole process of smoking, with real high-tech means to create safe and healthy smoking method, built for the future of healthy environmental protection smoking culture of human nature.

2. Product composition:

By aerodynamic sensing circuit, intelligent control circuit, servo actuator circuits, smart chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomizing chamber, lithium-ion batteries, and other microelectronic technology components, through modern high-tech intelligent microelectronics technology to realize the control of the airflow sensor, smoke simulation, the fog temperature control, high-tech human functions such as standby at any time.

3.Ofrf Vape Smoking Cessation principle:

According to the world health organization recommends the nicotine replacement method, the principle of design of the scientific program of four steps to stop smoking, through continuous reduce the amount of nicotine, electronic cigarette smoking cessation in imperceptible in the body of nicotine physiological needs to zero, at the same time avoid endocrine disorder caused by sudden stop smoking and withdrawal syndrome, so as to achieve the goal of without pain.

4. Quitting with e-cigarettes:

Step 1: During the containment period, use the “Vapefly E-cigarette” bomb with high nicotine content as usual for 2 weeks;

Step 2: During the control period, switch to medium content e-cigarette cartridges and use them as usual for 3 weeks;

Step 3: During the stabilization period, switch to using low-content “e-cigarette” bombs for 3 weeks as usual;

Step 4: Consolidation period. Finally, complete cessation is achieved within 2 weeks by using nicotine-free “Wotofo┬áPod” bombs.

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